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The Magus' Apprentice is a First Person "Magepunk" Puzzle game.  You have been invited to a secret facility by a world-renowned Magus, Godrith Ains.  The facility is hidden from the public; nobody knows your whereabouts.  You must use magic to control the elements, and solve the puzzles.  Prove yourself worthy.  Godrith is waiting for you. 

The game is a student project created during Fitchburg State University's Spring 2019 Game Studio program. 

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Credits (Abridged)

AJ Marraffa - Project Director and Producer

Austin Dulong - Original Creator and Lead Programmer

Dan R. Howard - Composer

Dave Luukkonen - Lead Voice Actor: Godrith Ains

Dave Luukkonen Appears courtesy of ACTRA

Garrett Bryant - 2D Artist

Jeff Douglas - 3D Environment Artist

Jonathan Troiano - Supporting Voice Actor: Godrith Ains

Micah Souza - 3D Character Artist

Michael Lupo - Composer

Richard Bugg - Supporting Voice Actor: Godrith Ains

Thomas Howley - Narrative and World Building

Trevor Martin - Sound Designer

Tyler LaValley - Level and Puzzle Designer

Val Davis - Engineering Consultant

Install instructions

After downloading the game, open the .zip file and drag the folder inside to the location of your choice.  Open the extracted folders, and double-click "magus.exe" to open the game.


magus_v1.0.2.zip 1 GB


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(x-post from GJ)

You guys did a great job with this! While it does feel like you ended up running out of time with the length of the intermediate section and lack of advanced, the art style, mechanics and narrative are all great! Really well done!